My friend Wojtek made a wooden case for my C-Z80 Computer. Below is an overwiev of the assembled computer:


On the front panel, I`ve placed the power button, reset switch and volume adjustment knob. There are also two LEDs: power LED and Compact Flash Activity LED.

The case is very functional – the top cover can be lifted up together with the front panel. All the hardware is easily accessible this way:


Close up of the inside:


For now I`ve placed only most important ports on the side and back of the case – VGA and joystick ports, 5V DC jack for power supply:



I have to decide what type of connectors I`m going to use for all other essential I/O ports, like 8255 ports A,B,C , Z80CTC triggers, Z80 bus signals, etc. They all will probably be placed on the left side of the case.

I`m very satisfied with this case. My friend did an excellent job with it. It`s elegant, functional and very solid (I can easilly place any CRT monitor on the top , and the construction will not protest at all).

As for plans for near future, I`m going to add some additional ports to the case, and generally work on some visual details (maybe some logo, informational plates, etc). I`m also going to write some sample code, some game or demo maybe.