A complete documentation in PDF format including source code and schematics is now available to download using the link below:


Source files of this project are available to download using the link below. The ZIP archive contains Z80 assembler sources for the ROM Monitor program, Atmega328 AVR assembler sources and Xilinx XC9536 VHDL source: both for the VGA board.

You can also download schematics for the whole project using the link below. Schematics are in PDF and JPG formats. Filtering caps are sometimes not included in the schematic, but added in final versions of PCBs.

I`m not including Eagle board layout designs as I don`t think anyone would have any use of it – they are rather poorly designed with only one advantage –  they work! 😉

Some examples used in presentations:

6507 SBC related files:

2 thoughts on “Downloads”

  1. Warren ODonnell said:

    I just found on the C-Z80 Sound Card there is a R1 which don’t have a Value can you help me


  2. just to let you no I am very happy with your home made computer but the only problem I have is some of the eagle schematic don’t have any value on the resistor and some capacitor as i sent you a message could you help me as I can not finish because i had other project i put this one on the side to do later.


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