I`m currently working on the new display adapter. The circuit will be based on Atmega328, 74LS168, XC9536. In the final version I`ll probably use 74HCT74 as a frequency divider and a busy flag for Video RAM writes, and 3x74LS165 as an interface to the system bus. There will probably be need for one 74LS32 as a control signal decoder. This makes 8 ICs in total. This time, the board will be displaying a monochrome text (maybe the color will be hardware selected via jumpers…). Fonts 8×8, text resolution 40×50. The real pixel resolution will be 320 columns (2xstandard VGA pixel) and 400 lines (I`ll not use line doubling to obtain 320×200, so I`ll be able to get 2x more vertical resolution for text). At the present moment I have a stable 40×50 resolution displayed as pictured below. The characters seem to be readable and clear.

2014-07-08 10.58.58